Part of the UCF Core Commitments projects involves creation of ethics task force committees in UCF colleges or departments.  Any number of these committees may be created as interest indicates.

This fall (2007) we will be creating ethics task force committees composed of interested students, faculty and staff members to discuss moral/ethical issues that are of concern to you in your departments, colleges, or at UCF on the whole.

One of the issues that is currently being discussed and studied by the Faculty Senate Ethics Task Force (FSETF) is a UCF policy on X grading.  “X” grading is a system that some colleges and universities have adopted in which a student’s grade in a course, when that grade is assigned as a result of some violation of academic honesty (plagiarism, cheating), is indicated by, for example, “XF” to indicate not only that the student failed the course, but that failure was the result of cheating or plagiarism.

Another issue that has lately been on the minds of at least some UCF students is that of the use of tasers by university police.  Although this topic was discussed during an open forum and at least some decisions had been made either before, during, or after that forum, it does not indicate that the issue is dead and that no further discussion can or should take place.  On the contrary, if there are issues that you would like to discuss to bring to the attention of the Faculty Senate Ethics Task Force, being a member of one of the department/college level ethics task force committees is a way for you to discuss with others who share your concerns what these issues involve, and to let the Faculty Senate Ethics Task force know of your concerns so that they my be addressed by that group.

Just as the Faculty Senate Ethics Task Force serves in an advisory capacity to the UCF Faculty Senate, so will Core Commitments Ethics Task Force Committees (CCETF) serve in an advisory capacity to the Faculty Senate Ethics Task Force.  In addition, students and faculty members who wish to serve as members of the FSETF may do so as well.

The next meeting of the FSETF is the first Monday of November at noon in CL1 207 (The Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning meeting room).  Representatives of newly formed CCETFs are invited to attend this meeting to begin organizing your groups.

If you have questions concerning CCETF formation, please contact either Dr. Rick Schell (, Dr. Nancy Stanlick (, or Patricia MacKown ( ).