On March 22, 2008 (8:30-4:30 p.m. in UCF’s Teaching Academy) UCF held its first Ethics Bowl Competition.  The teams were the following:

  1. The Justice League (Burnett Honors College)
  2. The Eth X-Men (Burnett Honors College)
  3. The Researchers (combined Office of Undergraduate Research and Ramp & McNair Scholars)
  4. Department of Philosophy
  5. Honors Introduction to Philosophy 1
  6. Honors Introduction to Philosophy 2
  7. Honors Introduction to Philosophy 3
  8. Honors Introduction to Philosophy 4

These teams competed in rounds of competition from 9:00 a.m. to noon, and then from 1:00-2:00 p.m. to determine the 4 top teams that would compete in the semi-final and final rounds.  The teams in the semi-final rounds were:

  • The Justice League
  • Eth X-Men
  • The Researchers
  • Honors Introduction to Philosophy 3/Dept. of Philosophy (Hybrid Team)

In the final round, the Eth X-Men and HP3/Philosophy engaged in competition with each other.  The HP3/Philosophy team won the first UCF Ethics Bowl competition.

Congratulations to these teams, and to ALL of the UCF ethics bowl teams, for participating and doing such a commendable job.  It was truly an inspiring day of competition and demonstration of knowledge and research among our students.

Further, it is very important to thank all of the people who helped to make the first UCF Ethics Bowl a success.  Our judges and moderators were, in no particular order, the following:

  1. Shaun Gallagher, Chair, Department of Philosophy
  2. Paul Lartonoix, Assistant Dean, College of Arts and Humanities
  3. Kristin Wetherbee, Grant Administrator, College of Arts and Humanities
  4. Ryan Browne, Administrative Assistant, Digital Media
  5. Maureen O’Halloran, Community volunteer and physician
  6. Sally Milton, Community volunteer and accountant
  7. Madi Dogariu, Burnett Honors College
  8. Martin Dupuis, Assistant Dean, Burnett Honors College
  9. Stephen Fiore, Department of Philosophy
  10. Ronnie Hawkins, Department of Philosophy
  11. Alison Morrison-Shetlar, Dean, Undergraduate Studies
  12. Bruce B. Janz, Department of Philosophy
  13. Kate Giglio, Department of English
  14. Janice Whitehouse, UCF Radio, WUCF
  15. John Venecek, UCF Library
  16. Nestor Marquez-Diaz, UCF Graduate Student
  17. Jana Marquez-Diaz, Community volunteer, Florida state employee, disability services
  18. Jane Compson, Department of Philosophy]
  19. John Breek, Community volunteer

Ethics Bowl Organizers were:

  1. Nancy Stanlick, Department of Philosophy
  2. Martha Marinara, QEP for Information Fluency and Department of English
  3. Robert Slade, UCF Civil Engineering Major and IF/Philosophy/Core Commitments Assistant
  4. Benjamin Tucker, UCF Philosophy Major and IF/Core Commitments Assistant
  5. Jane Moody, UCF Graduate Student and Information Fluency

Faculty Coaches and Sponsors of Teams were:

  1. For the Burnett Honors College Teams, Madi Dogariu and Martin Dupuis
  2. For the Researchers, Kimberly Schneider, Michael Aldarondo-Jeffries, and Bernadette Jungblut
  3. For the Department of Philosophy, Michael Strawser
  4. For Honors Introduction to Philosophy, Nancy Stanlick (sponsor only)

Red Brick Pizza and Oxford University Press contributed lunch and books for the event.  We thank Mr. J.P. Simonet of Red Brick and Diane Erickson of OUP for their sponsorship of the UCF Ethics Bowl.

The UCF Ethics Bowl was presented by:

  1. The Association of American Colleges and Universities’ Grant Project, Core Commitments: Educating Students for Personal and Social Responsibility
  2. The UCF Quality Enhancement Plan for Information Fluency
  3. The UCF Department of Philosophy
  4. The UCF Ethics Center Initiative
  5. The UCF Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities

Our UCF ethics bowl teams were composed of the following students:

The Justice League:  Shaun Notman, Ruth Strakosha, Javier Vasquez, Travis Bashor, Laura Stockbridge, and Ross Harrison

The Eth X-Men: Raafia Baboolal, Alexander Kaplan, Jomah Fangonilo, Rose Crutcher, and R.C. Hyatt

Philosophy:  Audra Robetaille, Chris Jacobs, Harlan Wallner, John Townsend, and Jonathan Lorenz

The Researchers:  Javed Khan, Brianna Sheahan, Claudia Nunez, Garrett Grainger, and Holly Pinhiero

Honors Philosophy 1:  Jenna Rew, Keenan Rickless, Melissa Smith, and Samantha Giancarlo

Honors Philosophy 2: Holly Simmons, Stephanie Defreitas, Jose Alvarez, and Alexandra Winsler

Honors Philosophy 3:  Dina Cavicchia, Joseph Cronyn, Lauren Dickson, Matthew Noble, and Estefani Rodriguez

Honors Philosophy 4:  Daniel Winstead, William Clifford, Nicholas Grieves, and Mikimaru Hirama

The 2nd UCF Ethics Bowl will be held in the fall term 2008 on November 9 from 8:30-4:30.  We hope that even more teams of UCF students, and even more faculty, staff, student, and community volunteers will participate as judges and moderators.  We most sincerely appreciate their efforts, and thank them for their help in making this event a success.