In the spring term 2008, we organized a group of faculty and staff members from a variety of disciplines to create both an in-person and an online module of content for faculty members that is titled “What Every Faculty Member Should Know about Academic Ethics.”  That group is composed of the following people:

  • Dr. Jane Waterman, Associate Professor, Dept. of Biology
  • Dr. Peter Jacques, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Political Science
  • Dr. David Mayer, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Management
  • Dr. Ronnie Hawkins, Associate Professor, Dept. of Philosophy
  • Dr. Aron Liberman, Professor, College of Health and Public Affairs
  • Dr. Martha Marinara, Associate Professor, QEP for Information Fluency and Dept. of English
  • Ann Maukonen, M.A., Liberal Studies, Visiting Instructor, Dept. of Philosophy (for Humanities)
  • Patricia MacKown, M.A., Political Science, Assistant Vice President for Campus Life and Director, Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities
  • Dr. Nancy Stanlick, Associate Professor, Dept. of Philosophy

We are preparing this seminar in the spring term.  Two or more of the participants in this project will present our combined efforts at the 2008 Karen L. Smith Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning Summer Faculty Development Conference (April 29-May 2, 2008).

Information about and content of the seminars (online modules) appears at .