Academic integrity concerns all of us, whether we are students, faculty, administrators, or staff members of the University of Central Florida.  This is the case since we are all members of an academic community, and as such, we have obligations to ourselves and to each other, to our disciplines and our departments and colleges, and to the community that includes all of us.

Academic integrity certainly includes issues surrounding cheating and plagiarism, copyrights, patents, intellectual property, and so on.  But it also concerns the way in which we present ourselves to the larger civic community of which we are a part (whether it is the City of Orlando, the Central Florida region, the state of Florida, the American Southeast, the United States, the Northern Hemisphere, or the entire world and universe).  The way in which we present ourselves is largely determined by the intentions we have, and the way in which others interpret the actions we perform.  We can do our jobs, live in our communities, and educate ourselves with integrity — or not.  What we choose to do reflects on the groups to which we belong; and what the groups to which we belong do also reflects on us individually.

The UCF Core Commitments project is centered on the notion that it is the obligation of faculty, administrators, staff, and students to work together to educate students for personal and social responsibility. To that end, one of our projects (one that takes several forms) is to offer to the UCF community information about academic and research integrity, about the responsible conduct of research, and about the ways in which our individual actions have an effect on our participation with, and membership in, a vibrant and creative academic and social community.

One of the proects consistent with that goal is the creation of a UCF Integrity web site at .  At this site, all members of the UCF community will find information on academic and research resources that are of relevance to sustaining a culture of integrity and honesty at the University of Central Florida.  The site has been designed to provide links to handbooks, UCF Library resources, the Office of Student Conduct, resources for personal and intellectual growth, and activities and projects revolving around the UCF mission and the ideals of the Core Commitments grant project.  Please visit the UCF Integrity site.  And watch for information in the page at this blog on Academic Integrity Seminars for UCF students.  We invite your comments and contributions.