Starting in the fall term 2007, the UCF Core Commitments group will begin offering non-credit academic integrity seminars for undergraduate and graduate students.  Several of these will be scheduled throughout the fall term, and some of them will be specific to disciplines.  Please check back for a schedule and additional information.

In the meantime, a brief description and rationale for the seminars:

The creation of proactive academic integrity seminars is part of the grant project, “Core Commitments: Educating Students for Personal and Social Responsibility.”  One of the dimensions of the Core Commitments project is to cultivate personal and academic integrity.  One of the ways in which to do this is to learn about the standards of research in academic realms generally and in one’s own discipline in particular.  Further, discussion of one’s responsibilities as a member of an academic community contributes to achieving this goal.

Academic integrity seminars are designed and facilitated by UCF students for UCF students (graduate and undergraduate alike). 

The UCF Core Commitments project will hold its first fully student-led proactive seminar in academic integrity in November.  UCF students who are facilitators for these seminars are:

  • Ruth Strakosha, Honors Student, Microbiology
  • Kristin Wetherbee, Graduate Student, Public Administration
  • Ryan Petrizzo, Undergraduate Student, Department of Theatre
  • Benjamin Tucker, Undergraduate Student, Department of Philosophy
  • Robert Slade, Undergraduate Student, Civil Engineering
  • Frankie Soriano, Undergraduate Student, College of Business Administration

Watch this site and around campus for information on the date, time, and place for the first meeting.  Future meetings will be posted as well.  See you there!